Black and white prints are available in various sizes as fibre based (FB) archival prints and resin coated (RC) prints.

Some 1970s vintage prints are also available. Some were printed by Amedeo Castellani in Rome and in London prior to 1978.

Also available are a limited amount of prints made by Robert Horner of Kensington, London in the late 70s and early 80s. “Robert Horner of Palace Gate, London’s foremost photographic printer, whose other clients included Helmut Newton and the V&A Museum”.

Colour images are available as C type prints

When properly framed and displayed the prints will last indefinitely.

Each print is signed on the rear with a brief description. The prints are also supplied with a certificate of authenticity and provenance to be applied to rear of the framed photograph.

If a print is part of a limited edition it is numbered. The same image may be printed on different papers and in different sizes. As the majority of prints are hand printed there will be slight variations between one print and another so each print is individual.

Private viewings can be arranged for clients to select images. Prints can be shipped worldwide.