Why Blog?

Seems like nowadays you have to blog to get yourself noticed. It’s part of the deal, the bigger picture. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, websites and blogs form your digital presence. According to some it is essential for your financial survival in the global market place. Or something like that.

In reality most of my sales, work and commissions come from word of mouth recommendations not from the internet. It has always been that way. Years ago, when I had a studio in London, there was no internet and I was always busy.

Personally I find the act of blowing your own trumpet distasteful and not very British. If someone else does you the courtesy of paying you a compliment you should accept it gracefully. To draw attention to oneself is not really the done thing. We all like a pat on the back and for people to appreciate our work and to tell us so.

My blogs are few and far between. For a reason. The idea was to blog regularly to keep people informed of what I was doing. I find it hard to start writing blogs and when they are finally finished I procrastinate and hesitate and find excuses not to post them on my website. Even my website is unpublicised and after two years largely unfinished. After all who is really that interested in what I am doing and what I have to say? Why should I be so big headed and expect people to take heed of my ramblings? Once upon a time people wrote diaries or journals and often kept them under lock and key.

I very recently came to a decision. I will write blogs more regularly but principally for myself. Writing is a good way to get your thoughts in order. If anyone else should like them and comment on them that will be a bonus. I will also not limit myself to my photography. You might have noticed that my website just has Amedeo Castellani and the word photography does not appear on the home page. After all human beings are not just one thing. They cannot be defined just by what they do. We have other interests as well. Mine are architecture, music, art, ecology and social issues.

I will try to be true to my word and write more regularly. I suppose the fact that I have said it means I will have to do it now.