Have You Seen Pulp Fiction?

It was at a rock gig around 8 years ago that I spotted an interesting looking girl who had quite a few tattoos. Tattoos are not my thing but one of my best friends, Sandro Danielli, is a tattoo artist. Sandro and I had recently been to the London Tattoo Convention where he had a tattoo done by Oliver Peck, the then partner of Kat Von D, a well known tattoo artist who was appearing regularly on TV.

Between songs I approached the girl and over the din I asked her if she would let me photograph her. The semi-shouted request was greeted with a look of disgust. The glare she gave me was one that I can only imagine was specifically reserved for an older man trying to pick up a much younger woman. I tried to explain that my intentions were sincere and all I wanted to do is take her photograph. I then remembered that I still had a photo on my ‘phone of my friend, Oliver Peck and Kat Von D.

When the girl, who was called Amy, saw the photo of Kat Von D on my ‘phone her whole attitude changed. She immediately agreed to sit for me. We arranged for a time for her to come to my home studio for the session.

After I got my shots Amy suggested that she would like a photo inspired by the poster for the Quentin Tarantino film “Pulp Fiction”. She had bought a CD with the soundtrack to the film with her. It had the image of Uma Thurman on the cover that we used as inspiration for the shot. As Amy had so kindly obliged to come quite a distance to sit for me I could hardly refuse to make this image for her.