I've been taking Polaroid photographs for a long time. The earliest images were taken in the mid '70s with SX70 cameras. The SX70 is a wonderful piece of innovative design that has stood the test of time. Although Polaroid film has been discontinued a relatively new company called The Impossible Project have started re-making film for the SX70 and also the later 600 type cameras. A lot of the old cameras that had been relegated to the bottom of the wardrobe or loft are now being refurbished. Because of Impossible Project film availability there has been renewed interest in Polaroid cameras and instant photography.

It was at a rock gig around 8 years ago that I spotted an interesting looking girl who had quite a few tattoos. Tattoos are not my thing but one of my best friends, Sandro Danielli, is a tattoo artist. Sandro and I had recently been to the London Tattoo Convention where he had a tattoo done by Oliver Peck, the then partner of Kat Von D, a well known tattoo artist who was appearing regularly on TV.